fall break 2015.

I’ve been home for over a week, and have tried at least once every day to sit down and write about my fall break experience. I realized after about eight attempts that I had no words to accurately explain it nor do it any justice.

On the subject of things that will not do my fall break experience any justice, I put together a small video/slideshow of some of the beautiful things I saw and did instead. I learned a lot about myself and my limits, ate delicious things, slept on multiple airport floors, and fell in love with a few new places. Enjoy!

xx Gabi


5 thoughts on “fall break 2015.

  1. I had a hard time writing about my break as well. Its probably because there’s so much to write about. I didn’t take enough videos to make an actual video, although I do have ample photos. TJ made a video for Venice that you should check out on Facebook should you get a chance. You had some cool shots and perspectives in that, very cool.


  2. I’ve tried so many times to journal all the crazy things that happened to me over fall break as well. It became so, so difficult that I just never ended up doing it. I know I’m going to regret it in the future – I should have jotted down as soon as they were fresh. I applaud you for making this video! It turned out so well. What program did you use? Also, what’s the name of that song? I love it.


  3. I completely agree that it’s so difficult to write about fall break. I think it’s because that we pack so much in to a few days that we don’t want to stop in the middle of the action to write about the action, and then when you’re home, it’s too difficult to wrap your head around it all! I love that you gave us a glimpse of it via this video. How did you go about choosing what images and videos to include and what to leave out? Also, I always find music choice to be interesting. How did you go about choosing the music for this video?


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