the prep.

you never realize just how much goes in to planning a big trip like a semester in London until you start planning it. half of the things I’ve had to take care of and consider during this process hadn’t even come to mind prior to my orientation meeting.

things I had anticipated:

-registering for classes

-calculating expenses

-buying my tickets to and from London

things I had not anticipated:

-literally everything else

I had no idea how many different things were involved in the process. I hadn’t thought about cell phone service overseas (which, if you know me, is actually kind of surprising). I hadn’t thought about healthcare, or where I would stay when I traveled outside of London. I didn’t think about whether or not I’d need a Visa based on my decision to apply (or not apply) for an internship. I hadn’t considered the fact that all the money I’ve been saving to irresponsibly blow in Europe would have to include a budget for groceries and laundry. I, somehow, hadn’t even thought about packing, and how I would manage to fit three and a half months of my life into a 50-pound suitcase and a carry-on. Needless to say, I had multiple panic attacks during that four-hour orientation and the days (months) that followed. (I also won a free t-shirt that day for winning an Instagram photo contest I wasn’t even aware I’d entered).

Weirdly, the thing I worried least about was my passport. I’ve had one basically my whole life (thanks, parents!) and I got it renewed a year ago so that I was already prepared for this very trip. That said, I’m still so worried about the infinite list of other things that need to be done before departure that I can’t even be comforted by the fact that I don’t have to worry about a passport. *Circle of Life blares in the background*

But I digress (I digress a lot in my writing), I am still decently (outrageously) unprepared for this trip. I have my flight and know where I’m living, yes, but I don’t even have a big enough suitcase yet, let alone have any idea of where to begin with packing. Maybe I’ll just make it easier on myself and only take one pair of jeans. I can do laundry every three days, right? On top of that, who needs cell service? This gives me a perfect opportunity to get some adorable Union Jack stationary. I’ll write home every day. It’s not like the weather in London will change in the time it takes for my mom to get a letter from me telling her it rained that one day…


xx Gabi


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